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José Luis Renique graduated from the Universidad Catolica del Peru in Lima and later earned a Ph.D. in History at Columbia University in 1987. He has taught at the University of Illionis in Urbana/ Champaign, NYU and Columbia University and is currently in the Department of History, Lehman College and the Ph.D. Program in History at Graduate Center.
Professor Renique has received grants from Inter-American Foundation, the National Endowment for Humanities and PSC-CUNY. He is currently working on a book entitled THE RADICAL IMAGINATION. Intellectuals and Militantes in Peru, 1883-1992. Among his previous publications are LOS SUEÑOS DE LA SIERRA. Cuzco en el siglo XX, Lima: CEPES, 1991. With José Deustua), Intelectuales, Indigenismo y Descentralismo en el Perú (1897-1931), Cusco: Centro Bartolomé de las Casas, 1984, 190 pp. (With José Matos Mar and José Deustua), editor, Luis E.Valcárcel, Memorias, Lima: Instituto de Estudios Peruanos, 1981, 380 pp. “Apogee and Crisis of a ‘Third Path’: Mariateguismo, ‘People’s War,’ and Counterinsurgency in Puno, 1987-1994” in Shining and Other Paths. War and Society in Peru, 1980-1995, Steve Stern, editor, Durham/London: Duke University Press, 1998, pp. 307-338. “The State and the Struggle for Land in the Southern Highlands of Peru” in Unruly Order. Violence, Power and Regional Identity in the Andes, Deborah A. Poole and Christiane Paponnet-Cantat, editors, Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1994, pp. 223-246. “Violencia y Democracia en la Sierra Sur del Perú: Puno en la Era Post-Velasquista” in Perú: Problema Agrario IV, Fernando Eguren, editor, Lima: SEPIA, 1992, pp. 414-441. Articles “Flores Galindo y Vargas Llosa: Un debate ficticio sobre utopías reales” in Ciberayllu, 1997, “Prisoners of an Invented Past (A journey through the Southern Balkans)” in Ciberayllu, 1996, “The Latin American Left: Epitaph or New Beginning?” in Latin American Research Review 30 (2), 1995, pp. 177-194. “Del Terror a la Esperanza: Paisajes de la Posguerra Centroamericana” in Debate Agrario 18

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