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Pedro López Adorno is a Puerto Rican poet, novelist, literary critic, and anthologist. His maternal grandmother brought him to New York in 1965 and he has lived here ever since. He received his PhD from NYU in 1982. He has been teaching at the college level since 1980 and at Hunter College since 1987. His areas of expertise are Latin American poetry; contemporary Caribbean literature in Spanish; Puerto Rican literature from colonial times to the present; Latino literature in the US; and literary criticism and theory related to the above.
As a poet, he is considered a key voice within the generation of Latin American poets born after 1950. Author of thirteen books, his most recent are: La ciudad prestada/Poesía latinoamericana posmoderna en Nueva York (2002), Arte de cenizas/Poesía escogida/1991-1999 (2004), and Opera ardiente (2009). His work, which fuses neobaroque and postmodern elements, is included in a number of important anthologies such as: El Coro: A Chorus of Latino and Latina Poetry (1997), Nueva Poesía Latinoamericana (1999), Entre Rascacielos/Amidst Skyscrapers (Twelve Hispanic Poets in New York) (2000), and Una gravedad alegre, Antología de la poesía latinoamericana al siglo XXI (2007). His first volume of poetry in English, Against Abluvion, remains unpublished. He is currently working on two new volumes of poetry, a selection of personal and critical essays, and a novel.