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Reports (2020)

General Demographics / Community 
November 2020

Georgia On My Mind: An Estimate of Voter Participation Rates by Race/Ethnicity in the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election and the Senate Runoff Scheduled for January 5, 2021

The Georgia runoff election for two senatorial seats scheduled for January 5, 2021 may well determine the success, partial success, or failure of the Biden/Harris administration to reverse the horrific damage inflicted upon the United States by the Republican Party and its President over the past four years.

Community / Latinos / Election/ Immigration

General Demographics / Economics 
Report 87 | July 2020

Gentrification and the South Bronx: Demographic and Socioeconomic Transformations in
Bronx Community District #1

The Latino and non-Hispanic black populations in the South Bronx are still the overwhelming majority, despite increasing worry about gentrification in the area.

Community / Latinos / Mobility/ Immigration

General Demographics / Immigration 
Report 87 | March 2020

Latino Population in NYC Metro Area

Since 1960, the NYC Latino population has been moving in larger numbers to nearby counties in the metropolitan area. These patterns differ among Latino national-origin groups and as new immigrants arrive to the city. This unparalleled in-depth LDP report provides a statistical and mapping overview of the New York City metro area since 1960.

Community / Latinos / Mobility/ Immigration

General Demographics / Healthcare
Report 75 | January 2020

New LDP Report: Healthcare coverage

The first LDP release of 2020 analyzes the trends in healthcare coverage in the New York Metropolitan Area and the United States between 2009 and 2015. The main result? There has been a decrease in the uninsured population in both areas of study, including among those living above and below the poverty threshold. The trends in the New York metropolitan area largely mirrored those of the country in general.

Demographics / Latinos / Healthcare

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