Under Professor Ramona Hernández’s leadership the CUNY DSI has greatly expanded its Dominican Library and has launched its Dominican Archives, which holds possibly the only collection of Dominican colonial documents in the U.S. with approximately 110,000 pages of manuscripts from 16th century La Española (today’s Dominican Republic). In 2011-2013 Dr. Hernández led an NEH-funded research project that produced the Spanish Paleography Digital Teaching and Learning Tool, the only interactive online platform in the world devoted to teaching the deciphering and reading of the handwriting styles of manuscripts from the early-modern Spanish-language world. Visit the tool. Read the White Paper about the Tool’s functioning and its reception by the scholarly community.
Another interactive online project currently under her direction, First Blacks in the Americas, will feature new archival manuscripts, maps and photographs to tell the story of the first generations of Black Africans and their descendants to inhabit the Americas (in La Española) after Columbus.