Reports (Dominican Republic)

General Demographics / Housing
Report | August 2018

Gentrification in Upper Manhattan? Demographic and Socioeconomic Transformations in Washington Heights/Inwood, 1990 – 2015

This report examines the impact and extent of gentrification in the Washington Heights/Inwood area – traditionally one of Manhattan’s most quintessential Latino neighborhoods.

Community / Dominicans / Gentrification / Latinos / New York Metro Area / Puerto Ricans

Community Studies / General Demographics / National Origin and Immigration
Report 61 | November 2014

Have Dominicans Surpassed Puerto Ricans to Become New York City’s Largest Latino Nationality? An Analysis of Latino Population Data from the 2013 American Community Survey for New York City and the Metropolitan Area

This study examines three data sets from the recently released American Community Survey (ACS) of 2013 to estimate the population sizes of the largest Latino national sub groups in New York City and in the City’s surrounding counties […]

Demographics / Dominicans / Nationality / Latinos / New York Metro Area

Community Studies / General Demographics / Income / Women
Report 18 | December 2008

Washington Heights/Inwood Demographic, Economic, and Social Transformations 1990 – 2005 with a Special Focus on the Dominican Population

This report examines demographic and socioeconomic factors concerning New York City based Latinos in Washington Heights and Inwood – particularly Dominicans […]

Dominicans / Inwood / Latinos / New York Metro Area / Washington Heights