Category: Podcast

  • 34 & 5 Podcast: How Can We Solve the Border Crisis?

    In this episode of 34&5, we present a stellar group of panelists who discuss the whys and whereabouts of the migratory crisis in the Southern border of the United States, its effects and potential solutions. Fernanda Santos leads the panel of Elizabeth F. Cohen, Julia Preston, Cinthya Santos-Briones, and Van Tran on this urgent topic.…


  • 34 & 5 Podcast: Karen Graubart’s Republics of Difference

    In this episode, Lidia Hernández Tapia talks with Professor Karen Graubart, author of Republics of Difference: Religious and Racial Self-Governance in the Spanish Atlantic World (Oxford University Press, 2022). Doctor Graubart, a historian specializing in race, gender, and law in colonial Latin America and the Iberian Atlantic, unpacks her latest findings on how marginalized communities,…


  • Paquito D’ Rivera The Legend

    In this episode, CLACLS Associate Director, Mila Burns, talks to musician and composer Paquito D’Rivera. Born in Cuba in 1948, he has won a combined 11 Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards. Although we tend to associate him to Latin Jazz, it is hard to put him in a box. Paquito D’Rivera recorded more than 30…