Reports (Governorship)

Report 83 | October 2018

Research Note: Have Puerto Ricans Experienced Increased Voter Registration Rates in Florida Since the November 2016 Presidential Election?

This research note analyzes the demographic change of Puerto Ricans and Hispanics in Florida combined with voter registration rates using the Florida Department of State Voter Registration Reports from July 2018. Despite both populations growing in selected counties, which in turn has increased the voter registration rates for Hispanics in the State, there is no conclusive evidence that voter registration rates among Puerto Ricans experienced a significant rise between 2016 and 2018 […]

Florida / Governor / Latinos / Voting

Report 81 | October 2018

Race and a Southern Governorship. Can Stacy Abrams Make History in Georgia? An Examination of Georgia Voter Registration Lists, Voting Participation Rates, Race, and Age

The nomination by Democratic voters of Stacy Abrams, an African-American woman, to run for governor of Georgia puts the state in the front lines of a possible new approach to elections by progressive Democrats across the nation. She will face the current Secretary of State, Brian Kemp who was nominated by Republican voters after using the same anti-immigrant dog whistle strategy adopted by his mentor in the White House who supported his candidacy […]

Georgia / Governor / Latinos / Voting

Report 80 | September 2018

The Politics of Race and the Florida Gubernatorial Election of November 2018

This report studies the voter registration rates in face of the new Florida Gubernatorial elections in November 2018 […]

Florida / Governor / Latinos / Voting

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