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Report 61 | November 2014

Have Dominicans Surpassed Puerto Ricans to Become New York City’s Largest Latino Nationality? An Analysis of Latino Population Data from the 2013 American Community Survey for New York City and the Metropolitan Area

This study examines three data sets from the recently released American Community Survey (ACS) of 2013 to estimate the population sizes of the largest Latino national sub groups in New York City and in the City’s surrounding counties […]

Demographics / Dominicans / Nationality / Latinos / New York Metro Area

Community Studies
Report 60 | November 2014

Demographic, Economic and Social Transformations in the Colombian-Origin Population of the New York City Metropolitan Area, 1990 – 2010

Between 1980 and 2010 the Colombian-origin population of the New York metropolitan area and its surrounding counties increased from 74,141 to 225,603. Over these thirty years Colombians increased marginally as a percentage of all Latinos in the region from 3.8% in 1980 to 5.0% in 2010 […]

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Report | 2003

CENSUS 2000: The Latino Population and the Transformation of Metropolitan New York

This study examines demographic and socioeconomic aspects of the Latino population of the New York City area according to the 2000 census […]

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