New Reports on the Gubernatorial Race in Georgia and the Puerto Rican Vote in Florida

Report: Can Stacy Abrams, a black woman in a former slave state, win the next Georgia gubernatorial election? The answer is yes, but only under particular circumstances which may not be too far-fetched. This new CLACLS report, written by the Executive Director Laird W. Bergad, examines the voter registration rates for the state of Georgia and parses the electorate by race, age, and sex to assess whether Abrams has a realistic chance of winning.

Research Note: Have Puerto Ricans experienced increased voter registration rates in Florida since the November 2016 Presidential Election? Based on the latest data, there has been an increase both in the Puerto Rican population and the Hispanic voter registration rates in Florida since 2016. However, there is no conclusive evidence of a significant rise in voter registration rates among Puerto Ricans in the state.

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