Co-Sponsored Event: Desiguales, A Small History of Inequality in Mexico



Book talk and discussion with Diego Castañeda Garza. A Peguin Random House (Debate) forthcoming book.



Inequality is one of the great challenges Mexico faces. Although historically high, Mexico has enjoyed brief moments of equalization in which a more fair society seemed possible. Exploring its history makes it possible to grasp some lessons on what worked and what failed. In this book, Diego Castañeda Garza takes us through Mexican history from independence to the present through the eyes of the distributional forces that gave shape to its inequality and the political economy that makes it so persistent, from the civil wars and conflicts of the first Mexican Republic, the foreign wars, its failed liberal modernization project at the end of the 19th century, the Revolution and its aftermath, and finally, to the recent years and the structural and political forces that make Mexico one of the most inegalitarian countries in the world.

Diego Castañeda Garza is an Economist and a Ph.D. candidate in Economic History at the Department of Economic History at Uppsala University. Diego is affiliated with the Uppsala Center for Business History and he is the co-founder and manager of the Uppsala Seminar in Economic History. His research interests are ancient, past and present inequality, historical energy transitions, economic development, warfare, revolutions and political economy.

This is a hybrid event, located in-person at the CUNY Graduate Center, room C197, and live-streamed.

Event organized by the Political Economy Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Stone Center of Socio-Economic Inequality and the Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies.

The event will be live-streamed through the CLACLS facebook page


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