Fundamentals of Being an Expert Witness Workshop

About Workshop

The Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies of the CUNY Graduate Center will host a full-day workshop on the fundamentals of being an expert witness in asylum cases. We will be joined by immigration attorneys, seasoned expert witnesses, and immigration scholars to share resources and strategies on affirmative and criminal cases.

This workshop is intended for people with regional expertise and research experience in countries of origin of asylum seekers. This event is free but registration is required.

Coordinated by:

  • Victoria Stone-Cadena, Ph.D. (CLACLS)
  • in collaboration with Professor Ismael García Colón (CUNY Graduate Center and College of Staten Island)
  • and the Social Anatomy of the Deportation Regime group (CUNY John Jay).



Writing an
Expert Report


Fundamentals of Working as an Expert Witness
MARCH 12, 2019

David Brotherton, Professor of Sociology
(Graduate Center & John Jay College)

Tanya Domi, Adjunct Assistant Professor of
International and Public Affairs
(Columbia University)

Conor Gleason, Esq., NYIFUP supervising attorney
at Bronx Defenders

Moderated by:
Victoria Stone-Cadena, PhD
Associate Director, CLACLS

Tips on Writing an Expert Witness Report by Joel P. Wiesen, Ph.D.

31th Annual IPMAAC Conference

Expert Witness Research Tips
By Emily Ruzic

When it comes to expert witnesses, young lawyers can add tremendous value to their team through research into the background of both their own and the opposing arty’s experts. This research should be done as early as possible and continue to be updated as the case progresses. Items found in outside research on experts can have a significant effect on the outcome of your case. Here are some research areas to consider.

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